Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk Wimp? Not at all!

Wimp? Not at all!

New look, no axle, modern assistance systems and good processing: If the new Cherokee still a real Jeep? We tried it.

About the design of the new, early April debuting Jeep Cherokee has been written a lot. Jeep purists complain especially the front which aufweiche the clear, traditional design. While there are still seven vents, but these no longer dominate the grille as before, but go on in the hood. Narrow, elongated headlamps flank the whole. The once-edged appearance belongs to the past. The design is based rather on the requirements of a Range Rover Evoque. A chic drawn Cherokee? Some Jeep fans are about to be gasping. But not only the design, it presents challenges. The Cherokee is based on the car platform of the Alfa Romeo Giulietta, the membership of the Jeep Fiat group says hello. Thus, there is no more live axle, as in normal cars is now more comfortable independent suspension standard.

With debates about the optics or platform strategies Jeep owners can live, is important to them - such as Mike Manley, CEO of the off-road cult brand emphasizes - no doubts about the off-road capability of the model to give rise despite the changes: " The Cherokee is a real Jeep. " at least then, if he does not pull up with front wheel drive, but four-wheel. Manley expects the way, so that 65 to 70 percent of customers will opt for the 4 × 4 versions.

© JeepAlle new Cherokee 4x4 models also feature the famous Selec - Terrain traction control   You can choose from the three-wheel Active Drive Systems I, Active Drive II with low range gearing and Active Drive Lock with low range gearing and rear locking differential. The latter comes in Trailhawk models mentioned above are used. Here a two-stage transfer gearbox with torque management, low range gearing and Hinterachsdifferenzialsperre is intended for active and rides through rough terrain and steilansteigendes and / or bad bumpy roads or tree trunks. All new Cherokee models with 4 × 4 also have the well-known Selec - Terrain traction control with the four driving modes Auto, Snow, Sports and Sand / Mud. When the Cherokee version Trailhawk the rock function complements the driving options.

Since real off-road driving conditions are rarely encountered in everyday life, we could try the jeep on an artificial off-road terrain, the climbing skills of the Cherokee Trailhawk. In short, he is not a wimp and need not fear difficult conditions. It went over tree trunk passages, bumpy stone paths, steep climbs up and down again and on the obstacle distance to show the robustness and good underbody protection of the off-roader. The advantage for inexperienced Geländegänger: Electronics is the main work. The driver can concentrate on the terrain and steer. In the background, the system electronically accepts up to twelve different tasks, including driving, braking and Bergan and Hill Descent Control. So the driver on steep passages neither gas must be slow these. Only one should not rush in difficult conditions is slowness trump, the nine-speed automatic operates mostly in first gear.

In Germany there are two engines to choose from for propulsion. The 2.0-liter diesel is to be had in the two power levels with 103 kW/140 hp and 125 kW/170 hp, for the transmission of power ensures a manual six-speed transmission, an additional charge there is the nine-speed automatic transmission. Volume engine is probably the stronger self-igniting. More likely to be less in demand in this country always equipped with the automatic V6 gasoline engine with 200 kW/272 hp from 3.2 liters capacity. Exact engine data as well as the prices are not yet published. At least 35,000 euros but are certainly due.   By the way: The Jeep fans have to put up with other innovations. The interior of the European models is well made. In addition, modern infotainment and assistance systems are now available. However, these changes are unlikely to lead to frustration.