Jeep Cherokee Facelift unveiled

Frankfurt, 19. December 2017

What you see here are the first pictures of the facelifted Jeep Cherokee. The terrain-potent mid-class SUV is since 2013 on the market, and polarized life, with its habituation needy look. Especially the Front with the split lights unit caused suspicion. This is now, because with the 2018er Facelift of the Cherokee gets a completely new nose with one-piece headlights.

Trailhawk independent

On the first official photos we can see two different Bug Designs. To detect the red Cherokee is obviously the Top model Trailhawk, hooks on the both of the tow in the front apron and the higher-mounted fog lights. With a conventional, silver-painted model of the front bumper and the wheel wells painted. The Trailhawk seems to have more ground clearance, which speaks for its increased off-road capability. Without the split front headlamps of the new Cherokee, cleaner and of high quality. In addition, he is visually closer to its Jeep siblings, the Compass and Grand Cherokee.

Debut at the Detroit Auto Show

At the rear, the differences to the Vorfacelift are less evident. There are slightly modified tail lights and more paint for the subtly refreshed rear bumper. Also in the interior of the model care measures are rather manageable. The only obvious difference is that More high-gloss surfaces for a more sophisticated Look. What are the changes technically or in terms of assistance and infotainment systems, we do not know at this point in time. The only Information that the Jeep published to date, tells us that it "will give new, fuel-efficient drive options". We assume that it is the new 2.0-Liter Turbo from the pre-set 2018er Jeep Wrangler. His debut of the new Cherokee is in the middle of January 2018 at the Detroit Auto Show. Then we can also expect further information. To Germany, half of 2018 comes the X3-a competitor in the second year.(sw)