It is also even more exclusive than at the regular GT

Cologne, June 30, 2016

You don't buy a super sports car dealer around the corner or even a discount site on the Internet. It is written specifically as a loyal customer or must apply, as though it were a well paid job. What McLaren or Ferrari parade in years, has tried out now the volume manufacturer Ford at the new GT. With success: The two-seater with scissor doors and one "over 600 HP" strong 3.5-liter V6 is now away at least the production of the first two years is sold out. But maybe there's still a chance for you, because there is a special model.

Apply, do not order

The global production of the GT is limited to 250 pieces per year. You could apply for one of the first 500 cars from 13 April to 12 may 2016. Worldwide, no less than 6.506 people did that. In other words, only every thirteenth interested party actually receives a GT. Loyal Ford customers and owner of GT's predecessor have better cards. To improve their chances of hundreds of interested parties were even specially created videos, as Ford proudly reported. Delivery to begin in 2017 in the first quarter, prices are at 500,000 to 550,000 euros.

50 pieces of the heritage Edition

With maximum 50 piece limited more strictly than the GT in General, the GT is ' 66 heritage Edition. Reminiscent of the GT40 Mark II with the number 2 in the Bruce McLaren and Chris Amon 50 years ago won the 24 hours of Le Mans. The varnish has an exclusive black shade that is shiny or matt available. Accents silver racing stripes, the start number 2 on front hood and doors and parts made of carbon. There are also gold-coloured painted 20-incher from aluminium with black wheel nuts. In the Interior there are among other things carbon leather-trimmed sport seats, a plaque with the serial number, and matte black carbon details. Ford does not give a price for the Special Edition. Never mind: Otto normal earners the car anyway can't afford... (sl)