Is this the future of formula 1?

Shanghai, 19th April 2017

Renault uses the Shanghai motor show 2017 for a deep look into the crystal ball. And see what the French there is the formula-1 car of the year 2027. The racing car of the future so. Or at least that's what imagines Renault including. And the result named r.s. vision 2027 is very impressive. Extremely safe, incredibly easy, incredibly strong and very informative LED backlit blessed. Oh, by the way: This is not a computer-animated fantasy. This car is indeed on Chinese trade fair carpet.

A megawatt power

How is the formula 1 so have changed, when we insert a small ten year time jump? Well, first of all it is probably much faster. Vision 2027 uses the R.S.. a Turbo V6 and a KERS system with 680 HP (almost five times of a current F1 Renner's). The recovery system here has two units (one on the front, one in the rear). These consist of high-performance batteries, which have the double power density of a current F1 battery and two 250 kW electric motors on the front axle. A genuine all cyclists make this formula 1 racer. An all cyclists with one megawatt performance. Yes, the overall output of the R.S.. vision 2027 is 1,360 HP.

Only 600 kg

With its long, slender and pretty sleek, minimalist design, as well as the four free-standing wheels, Renault's study without much difficulty is as experienced formula 1 car. A formula 1 car, which weighs almost nothing, mind you. Despite the massive batteries, 600 kilos on the scales to 2027 just bring the vision. The fuel tank, which carries only 60 instead of the conventional 105 kilos has a small share. Also Renault's scifi race car has active aerodynamics (in the form of a pretty massive, retractable rear wing) and an active suspension, which allows for adjustments in the race.

More security

Particularly important for Renault: improving safety. This has made it to the cockpit and polycarbonate developed an extremely einschlag - and fire-resistant dome that protects the driver from flying parts. There are also two titanium roll bars that extend within milliseconds when a rollover threatens. So the driver without outside help to get off, even when the car is on the head. Also, you guessed it drives this car also autonomously, for example, if an accident occurs and the safety car come out or the yellow flag is displayed. A network of vehicles with each other lets the pilot at any time know where exactly his competitors on the track or in the pit lane are. Also, information on a collision warning system in the pit lane to go so that teams that are prevented from released a driver for the stop directly in the front of other drivers.

The driver is transparent

Still, Renault dreams of greater transparency and a more direct communication with the fans. Also, the driver should back more in the Center. First action: a transparent cockpit from the 3D printer. Second measure: a transparent helmet. Say: If your favorite driver was once again capital cut or stopped, you can observe exactly how upset he is. The race will also better understand. LED lights in the wheels show the current placement, the existing residual energy or if the team will once again need money a fancy banner. The front wing is also illuminated. The C-shaped LED lights change from white to blue when the car, for example, safety car laps or in the pit entrance in the electric mode switches.

Fans identify with race output

The formula-1 car of the future runs so purely electrically, autonomously and glows strongly. But of course it's also massively social-media terms involved. And so massive, that this race output can be determined. So the driver via a display on the steering wheel is experiencing its current position in the fan - ranking. Who ranks at the top in the favour of the audience, much like already in the formula S in the final laps receives an extra power boost. Glorious actions could be rewarded so stupid or treacherous maneuver however directly punished. Sounds so everything relatively exciting. But something like this is actually feasible? And the fan would actually appreciate all the madness? We will have to wait it out. Ten years we have that still time. (black & white)