Introducing La Ferrari topless

La Ferrari topless

Gull-wing doors were visually the outstanding feature of the Ferrari la Ferrari, which 2013 was presented the brand at the Geneva Auto Show as the new top model and sold in a limited edition of 499 copies to selected customers. As first series-Ferrari he owned a hybrid powertrain. A used LaFerrari scored a little more than a year later the proud price of 2.6 million euros. Now, the sports car manufacturer in the Italian Maranello for the Paris Motor Show in the first week of October announced an open version of the super sports car.

Great secrecy is the name of a new model at Ferrari has long tradition, also to be called the new convertibles. The same applies to some of the technical data and the number of planned vehicles. Only so much is already known: the new, limited series, which is available with hardtop made of carbon fibre and soft top, has the same drive as the La Ferrari: the V12 engine with 588 kW / 800 PS as well as an electric motor with 120 kW / 163 HP provide for a total output of 708 kW / HP 963.

Compared to the closed version, the Ferrari engineers made numerous major interventions on the bodywork and aerodynamics, to preserve the torsional and flexural rigidity of the Coupé version and to ensure same strength even without a roof. A very demanding task, because the vehicle delivers breathtaking performance. In less than three seconds accelerates it according to the manufacturer's specifications from standstill to 100 km/h to 200 km/h are reached, pass for four seconds, the maximum speed is 350 km/h.

A less great mystery makes to the look of the new Ferrari and published photos "of the open version of the Ferrari la Ferrari for customers and collectors who want to do without on board a super cars on convertible driving pleasure" for the first time, as it is said in Maranello. Potential buyers must not be patient Salon until October at the Paris motor to take a first look at the car. For them, there was already an exclusive sneak preview of received so many orders, that the car is already sold out.

The great mystery of the later name makes so little sense, and belongs to the self-image of the House. But one thing is already certain: those customers who have already placed their signatures under the purchase agreement, look forward to a brilliant business. Should they decide to sell the car after some time or to bring in an auction among the people they are capturing far more than if they had put the money for the car to the Bank. (ampnet/hrr)