Infiniti Q Inspiration Concept

Detroit (USA), 17. January 2018

If a car manufacturer can present a series model, follow the Motto: A study. So Infiniti at NAIAS in Detroit (15. to 28. January 2018) in the form of the "Q Inspiration Concept". With it, the brand gives a concrete Outlook on the future.

Fashionable Middle Class

Too much Infiniti in regards to the Q Inspiration Concept, refers to the study as the first views of a new generation of vehicles. Not without Background, it is a model of the in the USA popular Mid-Size sedans. Under the hood, the VC-Turbo technology, this is a petrol engine with variable compression. On Board new functions for Autonomous Driving.

Electric by 2021

Already more interesting are the Comments of Nissan's CEO Hiroto Sakawa in Detroit. From the year 2021 Infiniti will introduce new vehicles with electrified drive systems. A range of pure electric cars and so-called e-Power, it is planned vehicles. The latter have a small gasoline engine that charges a high performance battery and an external charging source eliminates the need for.(rh)