Increase in the 500 - family

Paris, October 2, 2014

While the base - Related Jeep Renegade is already presented to the public and first test is subjected to the parent company Fiat was long a secret to the new compact SUV 500X. Now the curtain for the new crossover was at the Paris Motor Show 2014th

Family growth in two versions

After Fiat 500, 500C, 500L, 500L and 500L Living Trekking the 500 family continues to grow and not just a model, but equal to two. The 500X will be offered in the future in a version for the city and one for the terrain. The car is 4.25 meters long, 1.80 meters wide and 1.61 meters high, the version for the grounds again is about two millimeters higher than the city - variant.

engine range

In both variants of the 500X comes with both diesel and petrol engines. At the beginning there will be three petrol engines in the range: a 1.6 - liter engine with 120 hp, a 1.4 - liter turbo with 140 hp and a two-liter engine with 140 hp also. A short time later, the palette at the bottom end is complemented by a 1.6 - liter petrol engine with 110 - hp entry-level. For diesel range includes a 1.3 - liter engine with 95 horsepower and a two-liter diesel with 140 hp.

Transmission and drive options

The motors can be connected either to a manual five-or six-speed manual gearbox, or ?? first time at Fiat ?? be coupled with the new nine-speed automatic transmission. The engine power is optionally forwarded only to the front wheels or on all fours. A special feature of the new all-wheel drive is ?? Not all four wheels ?? required that a system is separated from the rear axle drive. So is a pure front-wheel drive from the. The Fiat 500X is so with the Jeep Renegade the only car in the class that has this feature.


Inside, waiting for the 500 - sympathizers up to a 6.5-inch touchscreen infotainment system. It can be coupled with all popular portable media.

price expectations

How will it behave with the 500 price is not yet known. The Jeep Renegade costs 19,900 euros brother named in the base with the 110 hp 1.6 - liter gasoline engine . (ml)