In the sign of the Sun

Tokyo (Japan), February 14, 2017

A new ASX? But a whole new model? So far much of that vehicle has been speculated that will present Mitsubishi at the Geneva Motor Show (9 to 19 March 2017). Now, there is not only the official name, but also for more details.

From the sports car to the SUV

Eclipse is a cross on the rear of the quite boxy SUVs. Brand experts will immediately sit up: 1989-2012 Mitsubishi in the United States offered a sports car called the Eclipse, also German customers could buy him until the year 2000. However: Amazing name changes are a tradition at Mitsubishi, the space was so star by the compact MPV to small cars.

Tiguan level size

After all, the indicative nature of the SUV addition "Cross" should avoid possible confusion. With the Eclipse Mitsubishi would like to cross a new buyers. The model will be settled between the ASX and the Outlander. That makes sense: the ASX is 4.35 meters long (so seat Ateca level), while the Outlander 4.70 metres measured against the Skoda Kodiaq occurs. Therefore cross can be expected at the Eclipse around 4.50 meters, so he would be in the class of the VW Tiguan. (rh)