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Peterborough ( UK ), November 3, 2014

It does not happen very often that the small sports and racing car manufacturer Radical from the English Peterborough presents a new model. Now there are two new cars downforce specialists to admire. The Radical SR8 RSX will bring in 2015 a new top model on the world's racetracks. There is also a new performance variant of the smaller SR3.

As a Le Mans car

The Radical SR8 RSX can be ordered now and will be delivered in the first quarter of 2015. Radical calls him " his most most advanced, most powerful and aerodynamischstes open race car. " Like a Le Mans racer drawn SR8 RSX is powered by a 3.0 - liter V8, which brings it to 446 hp at 10,500 rev / min and 380 Nm at 7,500 rev / min. Is connected via a seven-speed gearbox with steering-wheel paddles. Performance called Radical has not yet, in a fight weight of only 860 kg but you must not expect stormy acceleration values ​​. The unit of the SR8 RSX to 40 hours racing withstand before it needs to be overhauled. This corresponds to a full race season.

For the first time with electronic power steering

The body of the SR8 RSX sits on a tubular space - frame FIA - compliant. Front and rear double wishbone suspension with pushrod dampers come to use. A six-piston braking system with 350 - millimeter discs sitting behind 17 - inch wheels. Optional 18 - inch model can be had. The SR8 RSX is also the first Radical and electronic power steering. Inside, the car features a seven - inch screen with integrated data - logger. The prices for SR8 RSX start at 109,950 British pounds (about 141,000 euros ) plus taxes.

Radical SR3 RSX will be more economical

In addition to the Radical SR8 RSX takes an optimized version of its SR3 on the program. The SR3 RSX is powered by a 1.5 - liter four cylinder, originally from Suzuki and makes 213 hp at 9,500 tours as well as 168 Newton meters at 8,200 tours. The latest and only 570 kg heavy SR3 accelerates in 3.1 seconds from zero to 60 mph (97 km / h) and provides a top speed of 250 km / h. Front and rear diffuser have been revised and now the car has front and rear LED lighting. Other differences from the current SR3 are improved emissions and increased durability. The motor will now run for 45 hours in racing before it must receive a complete revision. The Radical SR3 RSX is to have from now on. Prices start at 66,958 British pounds plus taxes. The currently represents approximately 85,800 euros . ( sw )