I think i Spyder

New York (USA), April 1, 2015

We were pretty sure that Porsche at the New York Auto Show ( 3 to 12 April 2015) has something wild with the Boxster ago. Most conjectures went towards " new Boxster Spyder ." Now we know: It's a new Boxster Spyder! On the eve of the actual fair start the car in the New York Industria Superstudio was unveiled and if you look at the purist roadster so, should the same fate befall as the new Cayman GT4 him well. Translation: If you want one, you should probably hurry.

Almost like an open Cayman GT4

The parallels to the race track in love Cayman GT4 lie not only in the putative mismatch between demand ( too high) and offer ( limited). Even otherwise acts of the new Boxster Spyder as the Filou-esque twin of GT4, the one stolen at birth the fixed roof and two bump ( in the PR - talk: " concise Streamliner " ) has implanted on the tailgate. Front and rear aprons come just from the hottest Cayman how the drive: a 3.8 - liter boxer engine from the 911 Carrera S, it will exist only in conjunction with a six-speed manual transmission. The Spyder he makes ten horsepower less than in GT4, which thanks to 375 hp but still for the title of " strongest ever used in construction in a series Boxster aggregate" enough. So far, the Boxster GTS held with 330 hp this record, which was built in 2009 to 2011 from previous Spyder had 320 hp.

The fastest Boxster

The new Boxster Spyder accelerates in 4.5 seconds from zero to 100 km / h, and manages 290 km / h top speed. The standard consumption is 9.9 liters. The suspension load, which has operated in the Cayman GT4 with the axes of the 911 GT3, you may save the Spyder. A " tight sport suspension with 20 mm Lowering " doing it for the roadster. Also new is a direct tuned steering and brake from the 911 Carrera.

Climate and radio only on request

The hood with its strained back fins is part manually operate the new Boxster Spyder. Indoor wait very ambitious-looking sports bucket seats and a steering wheel with only 360 millimeters in diameter. If you order the Spyder Porsche as the thought, Radio, GPS, air conditioning are non-existent. Optionally, the fattening comfort features include but have ?? Radio and air at no extra charge.

Market launch in July

This brings us to the weight of the new Boxster Spyder. Porsche says so far only that he was the lightest current Boxster. That is, it weighs less than 1,330 pounds. By comparison, the last Spyder weighed 1,275 pounds. Can the launch of the Porsche Boxster Spyder takes place in July 2015. Ordered to be the open Purist now with prices starting at 79,945 euros. He is a good 10,000 euros more expensive than a Boxster GTS. The Cayman GT4 starts at 85,776 euros . (sw)