Hyundai brings luxury sedan

Offenbach, July 1, 2014

With the Genesis sedan Hyundai brings in August 2014 in Germany again a luxurious four-door at the start. This is brave, because while small cars and compact cars of the Korean manufacturer to sell like hot cakes, the upper middle class was to bring under the people with us barely. The last representative of this kind was the right hapless Grandeur, the retired from Europe in 2011. Now the new Genesis sedan businessmen and wealthy private clients to entice Hyundai dealers. That sounds familiar, the name Genesis, is that there ever was an eponymous coupe at us from 2008 to 2012. The four-door model will also be built since 2008, but it was the brand new generation now coming to us.

3.8-liter V6 with 315 hp

The car is 4.99 meters long and fits exactly into the gap between the upper middle class and upper class. With a total price of 65,000 euros but it is in the smaller of the two leagues at home. For propulsion makes the market launch only a 3.8-liter V6 petrol with 315 hp. The gasoline engine delivers a maximum torque of 397 Newton meters substantial, 90 percent of this force will rest even at 2,000 rpm. However, although the machine is equipped with modern technologies such as direct injection, variable valve timing and a variable intake system, Hyundai estimates the average thirst with 11.6 liters. This seems even for such a large sedan much. The performance figures are for this engine but on a normal level: The hundred - brand crack of Genesis after 6.8 seconds, the tip is electronically limited at 240 km / h.

Eight-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive

The power will be sent by eight-speed automatic to a variable all-wheel drive, which acts via electronically controlled transfer case with multi-plate clutch and active torque control. In normal driving, the power distribution is 40 to 60 percent when an axis of traction loses, even 100 percent can get to the front or rear. As is now common in cars of this class, the Genesis has an adaptive suspension with adjustable dampers. It is associated with a setup system that also modifies the sharpness of the throttle response, the shift points of the transmission and the adjustment of the steering force. All parameters can be changed "Sport" with a single button in the modes " Normal", " Eco" and.

CO2 sensor measures air quality

In addition to a reversing camera, a cross - traffic Warner helps when resetting from a parking space. The display in the center console to see whether from the left or right a car comes. Also, on board the Around-View system. It shows the car from a bird's perspective. For this purpose, the recordings of various cameras and sensors are assembled to form a virtual image. First time in a Hyundai A Emergency Brake Assist is installed, working at a distance cruise control: brake the car in front suddenly and it threatens a collision, the car rises by itself on the brakes. When you stop to help four-piston fixed calipers on the front axle. Additional safety features include nine airbags and seat belt pretensioners that tighten ahead of an imminent collision. As a world first Hyundai refers to a CO2 sensor: it continually measures the carbon dioxide content in indoor air, so that the driver does not tire due to excessive CO2 concentration. At low oxygen content fresh air is blown into the interior automatically.

Five years maintenance free

For the Genesis sedan Hyundai granted five-year warranty with unlimited kilometers. For the same period, the cost of maintenance will be managed. An option list there is no way? said value of 65,000 euros can not be beaten. However, it is not expected that the Genesis is sold here in large quantities. As is known, the upper middle class is firmly in the hands of the German Platzhische Audi A6, BMW 5 Series and Mercedes E-Class. With a resounding success Hyundai does not expect itself: the car there will be only at selected dealers . (HD)