Hymer celebrates 60th anniversary

Bad Waldsee, 15 may 2017

Also for the 60th anniversary, the camper manufacturer Hymer wants to show that he is ready for the ever-increasing popularity of mobile leave. Therefore, special models (the Hymer ML-T and the Hymermobil 570 ML I) were presented earlier this year of two "60 Edition". Now come two more highlights for the anniversary year: a new generation of the Exsis and a special model of the cult caravan Eriba touring.

Seven metres long under three tons, easily

With the Exsis series the manufacturer pushed the integrated and partially integrated motor homes ten years ago in the three-ton class. "The weight is the dominant theme in the travel industry for years, when it comes to the development of new vehicles. This is the one with the current driving licence of class B, allowing younger motorhome to vessels of up to 3.5 tonnes maximum. On the other 3 are the lighter models but also for owners of older driving licence in the category popularity", explains Bernhard Kibler, Managing Director of Hymer. So it brings also the first plan 588 with a length of less than seven metres on a weight of under 2.9 tons.

Engine, load capacity, market introduction

The new Exsis 588 from a 2.3-liter diesel engine, which produces 150 HP is driven. And even if additional equipment such as an awning, a TV with satellite connection and a multimedia package, as well as two persons, a filled water tank and two gas bottles on board, approximately 300 kg load capacity reserve are preserved. Enough for lots of luggage, camping furniture, or bicycles. Trading is the model from May/June 2017. For the vehicles with the 678, 474, 594 or 504 plans, you have to be patient until February 2018.

Special Edition from 17.190 euro

September 2017 the cult caravan Eriba touring is also available in four different floor plans (310, 430, 530, and 542) as "60 Edition". Visually, the anniversary model is a tribute to the classics of yesteryear. Unique features of the special series? A bi-color paint, alloy wheels, and the Interior of oak décor with either dark brown or beige fabric. Prices start from the 3.71-meter Eriba touring Familia 310 "60 Edition" from 17.190 euros. Top model is the 4.71 meters long Eriba touring troll 542 "60 Edition" for the basic price of 21.290 euros. (ml)