Hurtle bus: Bulli is beefy

Wettstetten, October 6, 2014

204 Otto - PS are already a good amount of wood for a VW Multivan. This accelerates the Bulli in less than ten seconds to 100 and is nearly 200 km / h. For use as a family car or business mobile should loose the rich. But there is always someone who likes wants even more power. And so the VW tuner MTM in the Bavarian Wettstetten have duly recognized the bellows the Multivan and created the " MTM T 400 ".

6.0 seconds to 100 km, 230 km / h top

The serial basis of bulligeren Bulli is a VW Multivan with said two-liter TSI 4Motion all-wheel drive and seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. When Motoren Technik Mayer GmbH ?? that is what the acronym MTM ?? the motor control is changed, the turbocharger adapted and a special exhaust system fitted. After his upgrade rumble in the Multivan 360 hp at 6,900 tours, maximum torque 465 Newton meters with crackles on the crankshaft. The Great runs in 6.0 seconds from zero to 100, reached after 30.64 seconds, the 200 km / h mark and its peak, according to MTM " well beyond 230 km / h".

Conversion costs 21,250 euros

In addition, the T5 gets mighty stopper in the form of a six-piston system with 405x36 - millimeter discs on the front axle. They are hidden by fat 20 - inch wheels with size 235 rubber part. The conversion to Rase bus at MTM takes 21 hours to complete and costs about 21,250 euros. Of course, the prerequisite is the possession of at least 54,500 Euro expensive VW Multivan 2.0 4Motion DSG TSI . (HD)