Hot T-Roc R in the coming

Nürburgring, 15. May 2018

Since November 2017, the VW T-Roc released in the Segment of compact Crossover to the 4,20 meters. Who has not recently lived in a hole deep under the earth, will have noticed how everything, I mean everything, moves in the direction of the omnipotent Small SUVs. That sooner or later Performance versions would come to the high all-rounder, surprised, not really. A VW T-Roc with four tailpipes, as our spy photographers again, close to the nürburgring have photographed, yet it is still a bit strange.

Deeper and with four tailpipes

A VW T-Roc R? A lot of suggests. The thicker air intakes at the Front, the large wheels, the bigger-acting brakes, the light lowering as well as the diffuser approach at the rear of the said four tailpipes (like Golf R) surrounds. It goes to our photographers, sounds also what escapes from the exhaust of tones, sharply after the popular all-wheel drive Compact sports.

With drive from the Golf R

This would mean that The T-Roc R gets a two-liter Turbo with 310 HP and up to 400 Newton meters. All-wheel drive is set in the SUV, a seven-speed appears to be DSG as the only gearbox Option is also likely. So, a T could reach-Roc R in just under five seconds to 100 km/h sprint, and 250 things.

Group betting dispute about the fastest Compact SUV

The race to be the sportiest Compact SUV seems to be in the VW group, just at the right time. Seat has already shown how the 300-HP Cupra Ateca will look like and the Audi SQ2 (probably also with a 310 HP) is also expected to not have to wait long. This applies also for the possible T-Roc-R: Who will spin round freely and virtually without camouflage its test, must soon make their debut. Maybe already at the Paris motor show in 2018 in October. What is clear is that VW is going to steal the T-Roc the roof. A convertible variant of the hip Golf brother is supposed to come in 2020.(sw)