Horse racing

Detroit ( USA), January 14, 2015

Long live the sport: This is the motto of the performance of Ford at the Auto Show NAIAS in Detroit ( 12 to 25 January 2015). The hot iron include inter alia the Shelby GT350R Mustang. He is optimized for track version of the already introduced in Shelby GT350 Mustang November 2014.

Super Sucker under the hood

As this also has the R version a naturally aspirated V8 engine with 5.2 liter displacement. He is, according to the most powerful naturally aspirated V8 engine, the Ford has developed to date for the series. The basic facts: More than 500 hp and over 540 Nm of torque. Only above 8,000 tours the red zone begins. Technically ersich is characterized by a so-called "Flat Plane"-Kurbelwelle as they usually used with in thoroughbred racing cars or exotic supercars. The crankshaft journals are arranged not in the V8 typical 90-degree offset, but within the 180 degree angle. Advantage: an even more direct response and a high power output in the upper rpm range. Disadvantage: a slightly inferior smoothness.

extra sharpened

The new Shelby GT350R has a special oil cooler. Also, the manual six-speed gearbox and differential receive their own cooler. The further developed by Ford Torsen lock on the driven rear axle to provide the best possible grip. Another unique feature of the Shelby GT350R is to be modified chassis. In addition to the revised spring rates, special stabilizers and lower center of gravity, the race track proven setup, special shock absorbers, bushings and sleeve joints on the front axle for greater agility worry. Finally, the Shelby GT350R also benefits from the special vote of the so-called Magne Ride shock absorbers.

Everything must go!

In designing the new Shelby GT350R lightweight construction was in the specifications of Ford engineers at the top. The result: The super Mustang is 65 kilograms lighter than the Shelby GT350 with the so-called "Track Pack". The "R " could also be for " radical diet" are, because he deliberately avoids air conditioning, audio, rear seats, rear view camera, tire repair kit, rugs, and on the lining of the boot. The elimination of exhaust silencer should lead not only to an additional weight savings, but also in a much more distinctive sound.

Dear easily

For increased comfort requirements (including the R-Mustang is designed for the USA ), Ford offers an optional package with dual - zone climate control, navigation system, including eight inch touchscreen, rear view mirror with blind spot assist, audio system and more.

Brushed on riot

The distinctive styling is highlighted by numerous design features that are exclusive to the Shelby GT350R reserved. This includes not only the wheels of carbon fiber, the larger front spoiler andthe rear wing also includes red-painted brake calipers, the distinctive Shelby GT350-R logo and are available on request red racing stripes. For increased output also ensure the revised front spoiler as well as the newly developed rear wing made ​​of carbon. In the year 2015, the GT350R in the US and Canada to be in a limited edition at the dealership. In Europe, the car will be officially not available. (rh)