High-tech cockpit of the C-Class

Munich, January 21, 2015

At first glance this looks factory test car as a current Mercedes C-Class. Which is as sedan and wagon on the market since 2014. Nothing special, then? But the secret is revealed when looking into the interior: There our Erlkönig photographer discovered a new cockpit, presumably in the Mercedes - middle class finds its way from 2017 after the facelift.

Displays solve Watches from

Currently, the C-Class driver looks at two classic circular instruments, display the speed and velocity. In between is a small display for the onboard computer and other information. As the main screen (for example for navigation system) is a seven-inch touch pad that sits like a capped Tablet PC over the air vents. As the Erlkönig shows, there will in future only two large displays that are on a height next to each other. The scale of the speedometer and rev counter behind the wheel are generated electronically, but it can still much more information can be visualized.

Already known from the S-Class

Known this futuristic display concept is already known from the prestigious S-Class. There, all relevant information from two 12.3-inch displays can be read. In the C-Class, the monitors are likely to be somewhat smaller. Whether the innovative instrument panel in another variant of the C-Class has arrived before the revision of the sedan and wagon, remains to be seen. After all, are not the C-Class Cabriolet and the corresponding coupe on the plan. Both are likely to still be on the market in 2015 . (HD)