Hennessey Venom F5: Vmax-record in the view

Sealy (USA), 2. November 2017

300 miles per hour. So good 483 km/h, imagine. The Texas Tuner and high-speed Expert John Hennessey is back. And the fight against the Bugatti the fastest car in the world goes in the next round. Hennessey's Battle-Axe? This new Venom F5. With 1,600 HP.

Already 435 km/h fast

If you are on speed records, you might recall: With his 1.260 HP Venom GT Hennessey drove in the year 2014 435 km/h. Unfortunately, only in one direction, which is why the performance was not officially included into the Guinness book of records. Technically, the Venom GT is currently the fastest car. At least until Bugatti releases his new Chiron on a long Straight. The record attempt of the Molsheimer is to take place in 2018. So it's high time for Hennessey to prepare. For the past four years, the Texas company is out on the Venom F5.

Significantly more aerodynamic

Compared to its predecessor, the Venom F5 (named after a particularly violent Tornado genus has not Load after the New-button on your PC keyboard) in front of all aerodynamically solid. This is mainly due to the fact that he is not a stretched Lotus more, but a complete and all-new in-house development. A Hypercar with a Carbon body and a Carbon frame. The Venom F5 is significantly streamlined, has a completely flat underbody and a cW-value of 0,33. The predecessor, the Venom GT was still with a cW-value of 0.44. What this means in the language of absurd top speeds? The Venom GT would have taken 2,500 HP to go 300 mph (480 km/h). The Venom F5, a mere 1,600 HP.

In under ten seconds and on to 300 km/h

Well, 1,600 HP, not cattle, are also small. And they come from the level of 7.4-Liter twin-turbo aluminum V8. Apparently, also a Chiron was discussed-similar solution with four sequentially-connected Turbos, but ultimately too difficult to found. The same is true for a Hybrid variant. The more than 1,760 Newton-metres of the mid-engine fall via a sequential seven-speed transmission, only with two very wide and sticky rear wheels. You can actually also place an order for a manual transmission. Probably, however, would not the smartest decision. To have both hands on the steering Wheel, appears to be at least halfway useful in the case of an acceleration from 0-300 km/h in less than ten seconds (which is faster than a formula 1 car). 0-400 km/h will go in under 20 seconds on the stage. The Höch Speed? 301 mph, so 484 km/h. For comparison: The Bugatti Chiron to create the 0-400 km/h in 32.6 seconds, the Koenigsegg Agera RS needs to 26.9 seconds.

Place for NFL players

The advantage of the new Hennessey Venom F5: It weighs in at just 1.360 kilos. He is stoppers brakes from Brembo Carbon-ceramic. The right tires for as much high-speed insanity? Hennessey relies on specially developed Michelin Pilot Cup 2 tires. How exactly will boarding the Venom F5, on the wing or scissor doors, is not yet cleared final. Regardless of is the prevalence of a significantly more luxurious atmosphere than that of the right Republican predecessor saves. Leather, Carbon, Alcantara, and a Apple-iPad-Interface make it possible. Also, there is more space. A two meters of large NFL players should at least fit comfortably into it. This is not a Marketing gimmick, but simply due to the fact that a two-Meter-long NFL players has already ordered an F5. And finally, it needs to be able to sit well.

From The Beginning Of 2019

24 Hennessey Venom F5 will be built. All of them in the company's headquarters in Texas, Sealy. The Base Price? 1.6 million dollars, approximately 1.375 million Euro. Interested parties must submit a type of application and are then judged by John Hennessey in person as worthy (or not). Up to $ 600,000 (515.000 euros), of Extras you can sink in his Venopm F5. Is delivered, he then at some point within the next three years. The first models will be at the beginning of 2019. Currently, one can see the Hennessey Venom F5 at the Tuning show SEMA in Las Vegas, the until 3. November 2017 is running. When a brave man for the 300-miles-per-hour-record attempt behind the F5-steering Wheel lashing, on the other hand is not yet known.(sw)