Heavy duty power

Stuttgart, July 27, 2016

Whether this would have liked Franz Meersdonk from the legendary trucker TV series "On axis"? In the future, drive trucks not only with 320 HP, as it was called in the opening credits, but also completely electrically. How this is to work, shows Mercedes now with a concept truck: the urban eTruck.

Clean in the city

Mercedes already has the trade-off of current freight traffic on the road in mind. In urban areas, the situation is clear: on the one hand want supplies industry, trade and commerce, on the other hand are always new measures to reduce thought about air pollution. The best example is Mercedes right on the doorstep: in Stuttgart, to fight with the emissions, now is a blue plaque thinking to shut out older diesel. For the manufacturer of all the "silver bullet" therefore locally emission-free mobility, so electric vehicles.

The electric truck sense is finally

But electric trucks? Mercedes itself admits that that was a long time out of the question. But now, battery trucks are economic. The cost of battery technology by 60 percent should fall in the period between 1997 to 2025, increasing performance by 250 percent according to Mercedes. So what can the urban eTruck? A heavy three-axis distribution truck provides the basis. In the place of the conventional Powertrain, an electrically driven rear axle with electric motors occurs immediately next to the wheel hubs.

Powerful torque

Said Motors make 125 kilowatts (equal to 170 PS) apiece, the maximum torque is 2 x 500 Newton metres. The battery pack consists of three modules with lithium-ion batteries, the total capacity is 212 kilowatt hours. For comparison. The currently most powerful BMW i3's are around 27 kWh. Urban eTruck range in the case of the Mercedes up to 200 kilometres, which is sufficient for a normal daily distribution tour. The battery Assembly is modular and can be expanded depending on the reach requirements or decreased. Charged by CCS type 2-plug, with a loading capacity of 100 kW completely empty batteries are filled in two to three hours back to 100 percent.

The eCanter Fuso comes in series

Between the urban eTruck and the difference in weight is a 'normal' trucks from Mercedes range 700 kilograms. When the electric truck series goes, Mercedes says not. In the field of light trucks on the other hand, a current model will celebrate its premiere on the IAA commercial vehicles by the end of September 2016. The "eCanter" has battery packages of Mercedes subsidiary Fuso, which are mounted left and right of the frame. Their total capacity: 48 kilowatt-hours. The electric motor provides 110 kilowatts (equivalent to 150 PS), maximum torque is 650 Newton meters. Overall, the eCanter is more than 100 kilometers. By fast charging, the vehicle can be refueled in an hour to 80 percent. The price will be decisive for hauliers but. For details, will only announce Mercedes at the IAA. (rh)