Gyrocopter flight car with three wheels and tilting technology goes into series production

Monaco, April 25, 2017

The world's first flying car is reality: the producer PAL-V now began selling his drive aircraft called liberty. Until one of them ends up before the own hut, you must wait yet somewhat. The already evident that Prince Albert of Monaco revealed no production version now, but a model on a scale of one to one at the top Marques 2017 in Monaco (20 to 23 April 2017).

Trike with tilting technology with 160 km/h top

On the road of liberty behind a two-seat tricycle with a wheel is front and two wheels. As a Carver one or a can-am Spyder, it sets automatically in the curve. Two petrol engines certified for aviation by Rotax make for the drive. They deliver 100 HP on the ground and accelerate the liberty in about nine seconds to 100 km/h maximum 160 km/h are possible, the range is located at the stately 1,315 km.

Range of 400 to 500 kilometers in the air

Unfold the rotors and tail button, and liberty becomes the Gyrocopter, so a flight device between helicopters and small aircraft. The performance increases then to 200 HP, the cruising speed is 140 km/h, the maximum flight altitude at 3,500 meters. The range of 400 to 500 kilometers. The airplane mode 6.1 times 2.0 times 3.2 meters wide liberty has a rotor diameter of 11 meters. The curb weight is 664 kilos, the payload at 246 kg.

Only a short runway required

For the landing 30 metres range, at startup, you need at least 180 meters. However, a permit is necessary, so that one is limited in reality on existing facilities for ultralight aircraft, gliding courses and the like, so PAL-V. In addition, the pilot needs a flight license for the practice sessions, as well as a certain learning curve for the theoretical exam should be scheduled a 30 to 40 according to the manufacturer about.

Delivery from end 2018

The Dutch company PAL-V was founded in 2007 in order to realize the concept of liberty developed since 1999. Financing is one based on a group of investors, as well as support by the State. After successful tests in the year 2009 and 2012 PAL-V began with design studies with the development of a production version. The pilot production to begin in the year 2017. Delivery to customers will start then end of 2018.

Sharp prices

The price for the liberty is however heavy: in Germany, the well-equipped version of the introduction is pioneer Edition, which would be only 90 pieces worldwide, cost approximately 594.000 euros. Then, also, the standard version of liberty is delivered sports for which will be due around 356,000 euros. Who not is scared off of it, can make reservation a fee of 25,000 euro a liberty pioneer, at the liberty sports, the fee is 10,000 euros. (sl)