Good cop, bad cop

Chicago ( USA), February 13, 2015

At the Chicago Auto Show ( 14 to 22 February 2015) is Ford Police Interceptor his new for the 2016 model. The Police Interceptor based on the SUV Explorer and is the best selling police car in the United States. Four-wheel drive and a six-speed automatic are standard. The " basic law enforcers " comes with a 3.7-liter V6 that makes 304 hp and 380 Newton meters. However, there is also a slightly more muscular 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 with 350 hp and 475 Newton meters.

Upgraded for tough applications

Like its predecessor, the 2016er Police Interceptor comes to brakes, suspension, tires, cooling and electrical system was properly dressed up to be ready for the hard and exhausting struggle for security and order. Customers can now choose from 25 different blue light designs. The lights are also better integrated into the front and rear design to ensure a better camouflage on patrol. In addition, the cop car has a power liftgate, a blind-spot warning and a rearview camera whose image can also be seen in the rearview mirror. And then there are a few more amenities you will not find the usual Pampers bombers more.

As in the Hollywood movie

Instead of a sports knob, the Police Interceptor utility has namely a "Pursuit Mode". It represents the automatic transmission to " aggressive driving " ( wording Ford press release) and brings it even to carry out a so-called J-turn. The maneuver with 180 - degree rotation after spirited driving backwards, you probably know from various Hollywood movies. The so-called " Surveillance Mode" (monitoring mode) automatically closes the windows and lock the doors when he realizes that someone is approaching from behind. In addition, the doors can be equipped with a Level III armor. (sw)