Geneva compact Hardly anyone wants Connectivity

Hardly anyone wants Connectivity

The (auto) world watched this week in Switzerland, although there no decency referendum. Instead, the future of the automobile was to be admired. Or maybe not?

Still burning at the Geneva Motor Show the spotlight from the fair heaven, nor shine the novelties of the manufacturer in the light just that and yet here and there lounging in front and on hood scantily clad beauties. But make no mistake about it, the show is still up to the 16 March opened, but already read basically. Time is running up faster than the car manufacturers can create new trends.

Speaking trend: That was during these days of aliens and automotive Geneva friendly easy to identify. Having been in recent years, the issues of safety, design, consumption and e-mobility were illuminated in all its facets, this time was the so-called connectivity to the series .  

To get probably the most important message of the manufacturer times to the point: The car will arrive soon to a kind of rolling smart phone, can be more or less everything one such phone also brings about. And then the mind in any car from small cars Toyota Aygo to the S-Class coupe to take this opportunity to call two times to Geneva premieres. We are then so more or less constantly online, move us driving in social networks, let us e-mails read, use more or less useful apps etc. etc. etc.     Too bad that the consumer is because maybe then not be a part really. The survey of management consultancy can at least pay a little doubt. Four out of five motorists wish therefore he prefers innovations that reduce fuel consumption, nearly half wishes systems that help prevent accidents and almost similar number want the overall environmental impact is reduced.     And how many drivers want better infotainment systems, online access or the integration of the so-called social media? Write a review Whole nine percent? Yes, you read that right NINE percent. Maybe the driver is not so modern and open-minded, as represented by the marketing strategists in their PowerPoint presentations. Or in other words: Maybe he is not quite as stupid. Maybe he just wants to come only convenient, fast and cheap from the famous place A to place B no less frequently cited. Maybe supported by an intelligent navigation system that leads him to the worst traffic jams over. It does not matter. In any case, we know already now who is to blame if the brave new world of connectivity manufacturer does not quite work as planned by the manufacturers.

  Right. The product was then just ahead of his time, which indeed in advertising speech is supposed to only mean your out there since just too backward for our offers. What indeed would be an outrage, but would not mitigate the arrogance of the statement. Perhaps the so-called consumer is just not as stupid as today mostly provided. And that would be yes a really good news in a week of automotive innovations hysteria .     Speaking of new products: The average age of the German car continued to rise last year, from 8.7 to 8.8 years. One may not believe this, when you look pass all the fancy business sedans, station wagons and SUV on our highways. You may already rather believe when you parking the supermarkets or the side streets of the inner cities look at. The vehicles of motorists nation Germany on average around nine years old? This speaks either for long-term quality of cars, the problematic situation of many households budget or the reason of the mobile homo economicus. Or for everything at once. Anything else? Next week again.