Geneva 2017: Rover Discovery land drone on the roof

Drone on the roof

With the "project hero", Land Rover at the Geneva Auto Show (-19.3.2017) introduces the new discovery in a special version. Professionals of Jaguar Land Rover special vehicle operations (SVO) have the car so equipped, that its roof serves as the base for a powerful drone. An integrated country system with the world premiere of Selbstzentrierungs - and magnetic retaining technology allows doing takeoffs and landings even while driving. The vehicle should actually be used.

The unmanned aerial vehicles is in the air, the camera images can be transferred live to the rescuers. Thus it will be possible, fast and effective events such as landslides, flooding, to respond to earthquakes or avalanches the helpers. Because often the natural disasters change the landscape dramatically, so that the cards are worthless. That makes it even more difficult to track down survivors and rescue. The drone gives an overview from the perspective of bird then the forces and helps gain valuable time. It is controlled via a Tablet app.

In addition to the integration of the drone system on the roof, the SVO conversion Department underwent especially the rear of discovery of a thorough revision. So the trunk was a heavy duty floor in the trunk, a separating plate behind the rear bench seat offers mounting options for equipment, additional power connectors are compatible with various plug models from all over the world and strategically positioned LED lights improve visibility at night. Not only inside, but also on the Au├čemseite storage compartments have been created.**The drones-discovery is not a mere object of the show. From June, the Austrian Red Cross project hero will take over. The drones-discovery will come then twelve months used in the Red Cross training center in Ore mountains in the Steiemark, as well as in Vienna. The rescuers use the drone for exercises, to develop ways of emergency - also for simulations of complex scenarios of natural disasters, as at night or in dense forests. In addition, project hero will make also support in specific emergencies, such as when the Red Cross when heavy snow falls or floods is needed. So, the helper in the secure environment of discovery can stay while the drone explored the obligations arising out of the air.**

Land Rover and the Red Cross joins a partnership since 1954. (ampnet/jri)