General Motors wants to Trump EV's promote

General Motors would the U.s. government have asked for a plan to support the sale of electric cars in the US should be promoted. That is, given the previous steps of the government-Trump a bold approach.

The largest U.s. car manufacturer has, according to Reuters, the government asked for nationwide to implement the measures that are similar to what the state of California is doing to EV's to promote. It is one that, by 2025, 15.4 percent of new cars sold by an electric powertrain is provided. A similar national purpose would, according to 'The General' can lead to 7 million electric vehicles on the U.s. roads in 2030. GM's productbaas Mark Reuss would also make the comparison with Europe and Asia, where such arrangements already exist, have made. The U.S. would, according to him, a leading role in the electrification of the vehicle fleet, as that, at least, is encouraged from the government.

It would also be a strong 'push' on the EV-area, according to GM lead to more jobs, and faster more affordable EV's. That claim is contrary to what Trumps government previously suggested. Under the current American president, the American government has previously namely future restrictions in the area of emissions and fuel consumption reduced or weakened, while the right of California to set its own uitstootregels to think under the current government, an uncertain future. If for some reason this was just brought up that this kind of measures and restrictions, car manufacturers are forced to to build cars where people don't wait to get it, which means that both manufacturers and consumers on costs are examined. It would also be a refresh of the fleet go faster if new cars are cheaper, so delaying this kind of rules, eventually, to a cleaner vehicle fleet could lead.