FXX K: The extreme Ferrari is here

Maranello, 3 December 2014

Now the most extreme Ferrari ever comes: the FXX K. is fired up the hot rod of a hybrid drive and it is also the letter " K " in the name. He referred to the so-called HY-KERS system ( Kinetic Energy Recovery System), which is known from Formula 1 and brake energy stored in a battery. Which in turn gives off power to an electric motor to assist the combustor. In the case of K, the FXX is a 190-hp electric motor and a V12 with 860 hp. Together lift the two power plants of 1,050 hp and 900 Newton meters on the street.

HY-KERS now configurable

The Zwölfender LaFerrari the racing version has new camshafts and a modified valve drive with mechanical instead of hydraulic tappets. The intake pipes were optimized and treated with a special polishing. On the car muffler verzichtetet ?? we are already excited to see how that goes to the ears. The aforementioned HY-KERS system can now be controlled by special Manettino on the center console in four settings. " Qualify " allows the maximum power output for a limited number of rounds, " Long Run " stands for perennial power output, "Manual Boost" without delay to the maximum torque available and " Fast Charge " allows rapid charging of the battery.

Optimum air distribution

To provide an unmatched aerodynamics at the front look a double profile spoiler and a larger splitter with a central opening. The tail is higher than in LaFerrari and the movable spoiler protrudes further out ?? at least 60 millimeters in full use. Two fins on the sides carry two baffles, which also the optimum air distribution care as a mega - diffuser. Pirelli slicks put you in contact with the asphalt. They are equipped with sensors which measure the longitudinal, lateral and radial acceleration as well as temperature and air pressure. These values ​​help the traction control system to find the most appropriate settings. In addition, the engagement level of the electronic differential, traction control, drift control Racing SSC ( Side Slip Angle Control ) and ABS on the Manettino on the steering wheel in five stages can be defined.

McLaren GTR P1 as opponents

The FXX K has not street legal and is only intended for track use. However, the hot rod is used in any racing series, but is to be tested by its customers over the next two years. How much does FXX K, has not yet been announced. Cheaper than the LaFerrari it should not be ?? and cost 1.2 million euros. Also the performance of the private test car Ferrari has yet to comment. By comparison, the LaFerrari sprints in under three seconds to 100 and 350 km / h. The strongest competitor of the FXX K should be the McLaren P1 GTR, the 1,000 hp goes on the race track as from May 2015 . (HD)