Futuristic giant

Detroit (United States), 9 January 2017

A4, A5 and Q5: the latest Audi bribed not necessarily through design innovation. But now the new Audi Design Chief Marc light sets a distinct scent mark: curtains up for the Q8 concept. The "upper class SUV Coupé design", as the Ingolstädter put it, is by no means a mere gimmick. Already 2018 comes the production version on the market. Thus not enough: Views of the new A8 is especially the operating concept.

Of the ur-quattro to the Q7

But in turn: with 5.02 meters the Audi Q8 concept is slightly shorter than his technique donors and a close relative, the Q7 (5.05 meters). Both share a wheelbase of three meters, however, the Q8 with 2.04 meters is sieves centimeters wider than the Q7. Particularly striking is the octagonal Q8 Grill with honeycomb grille insert and six vertical decorative rods. He is vividly shaped and significantly wider than current Audi-noses. The flat and wedge-shaped headlights use laser technology for low beam and high beam. The doors come without window frame, while the flat and wide C-pillar for ur-quattro, 1980s to remind of the. The same applies to the wheel flares, where we ask ourselves whether Walter Röhrl would enter a ship such as the Q8 for rally purposes at all. Be like the also: Audi promises plenty of headroom in the rear, also because the Q8 only four centimetres is lower than a Q7.

Black magic

Since we are "plenty" on the subject: 630 litres luggage to fit in the trunk. An anticipation of even the next A8 is the so called "black panel", a black, high-gloss tape in the cockpit behind the display and touch screens. The latter are in the air conditioning and lighting control system used, to distribute classical buttons. The sensors in the seat recognizes, by the way, that is a passenger on board, his air conditioning is otherwise not appear. On board a further development of the 12.3-inch virtual cockpit and a head-up display that information seemingly placed in the real environment are also.

Hybrid under the hood

The drive shows the direction of the Q8 concept, especially the markets in America and Asia should enjoy as of 2018 for the production model. Probably not for nothing Q8 sounds in English pronunciation as "Kuwait", also the Chinese lucky number Audi should have had eight in mind. Under the sheet metal of the study is a plug-in hybrid named in this country not in offered the Q7 3.0 TFSI 333 HP The gasoline is joined by an electric motor with 100 kilowatts, equal to 136 HP. The General system applies to 330 kW 449 HP and 700 nm of torque.

1000 km range

In the rear, a lithium-ion battery with 17.9 kilowatt hours seated capacity. That should do for an electric range of 60 kilometers, a full charge will take approximately 2.5 hours. The total range is Audi with about 1,000 kilometers. It should be comfortable kilometers, because on board is an air suspension with Adaptive damping. In addition, in two stages from the ground is adjustable between 90 mm distance. The distance is far until the premiere of the series-Q8 no longer, already the spring 2017 the car in China could make his debut. (rh)