furious publicity

Dubai ( UAE), 13 April 2015

The W Motors Lykan Hyper Sport is the first supercar from the Middle East. Its twin-turbo boxer mid-engine comes from reputation and makes 780 hp and 1,000 Nm of torque. In 2.8 seconds, to go from zero to 100 km / h conclusion is probably only at 395 km / h. He is one of those cars that are usually presented with great pomp, but then never really come to market. Now W Motors actually has a handful Lykan HyperSports built and presented them at the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi also an illustrious clientele. And in Hollywood, the car is now also a really big number.

Publicity than ever

Yes, the Lykan Hyper Sport plays a starring role in Fast and Furious 7 Vin Diesel aka Dominic Toretto drives the 780-horsepower monster, which is already amazing in itself, because the love Vin reluctantly gets out of his old Dodge Charger in general. Even more amazing is probably only the departure of Lykan: Finally, he jumps through three of Abu Dhabi's Etihad Towers, before he pops out of the 45th floor to the ground. The poor car, you may now think. But hey, one remains in memory. The "small mishap " is likely to have which is more than worth it for W Motors in terms publicitiy.

W Motors wants to grow

Only seven copies of this $ 3.4 million (about 3.2 million euros) expensive luxury athletes wanted to build W Motors, and do not take the unknown number of movie cars. Whether and how many vehicles have been delivered but remains nebulous. Since the Lykan HyperSports at the Shanghai Motor Show (22 to 29 April 2015) celebrates Asian premiere, it can be assumed that there is still capacity. If you can warm up for a fairly exclusive shopping experience, we highly recommend the Lykan HyperSports definitely my heart. Finally, includes its acquisition a global 24-hour concierge service and a manufactured exclusively for customers of clock Frack Muller Geneva. And do not forget the diamond-studded LED headlights. 2016 W Motors is planning to expand its way dealer network. Among other things are in Miami, Shanghai, Singapore and Dubai new "boutiques" arise. The strong smell of other models. To see then perhaps in Fast and Furious. 8 (Sw)