Fully networked and electric: The one pure mobility of the future?

Munich, 1 June 2017

How will we move through the narrow inner cities in the future probably? Maybe on narrow, single-track vehicles with electric drive. A vision of "one pure mobility in the urban environment' now shows BMW on the Concorso d' Eleganza Villa d'Este 2017 (May 26-28).

Low seat and electric drive

The BMW motorcycle was inspired by the racy bike study "Vision next 100" by the autumn 2016 concept link. But it is the new design study to a comparatively civil scooter course with electric drive. The E-drive is also the design. So the flat battery in the subsoil and the CD drive to the rear wheel allow a low building. The rear wheel (guided by single-sided swingarm) comes to lie far back. Due to its low height, the upgrade of the page is easy, so BMW. The proportions also allow a storage space under the seat, which is sealed by sliding. A reverse gear also allows for easier parking in the city.

Networking by driver, vehicle, and environment

Important, BMW is the networking of driver, vehicle, and environment. So the vehicle knows the calendar and hence the next targets of the driver, the fastest or nicest route there and on request even the matching music. Eliminates the classical instrument, the most important driving data (such as speed, navigation instructions and battery status) be brought instead through the windshield into the spotlight probably by a projection system. Less important information are displayed on a touch screen below the handlebar. Individually assignable touch buttons on the handlebar allow quick access to frequently used functions.

Even the driver outfit is networked

Even the clothing of the driver is connected to the vehicle. So opens and closes a stroking motion over the sleeve of the sliding door of the baggage compartment. The short coat of water-repellent (and this still typical Bavarian) Loden contains light protectors on shoulders and elbows. But should the outfit a fashion statement be primary and not as motorcycle clothing. (sl)