From Florida to Cuba in an hour and 18 minutes

Key West (United States), 22. August 2017

In one hour, 18 minutes and three seconds, a racing boat made the 162-kilometre route from Key West in Florida to Cuba, a new record on this route. The average speed of 128 km/h is car drivers are likely to have little spectacular. However, the Silverhook, the Name of the nearly 15-Meter-long racing boat reached a top speed of 204 km/h, and in the case of 1.50 to 2.10 metres high waves.

A Gas, controls

Anyone who believes that to create the track quicker, should acquire first, a suitable boat. The Silverhook 48GP is available for everyone. The einrumpfige, closed the Boot, depending on the Version 700 up to 2,000 HP. The for the record, the Version used with the Rennnummer 77 has a two-9,0-litre four-cylinder petrol engines from Mercury. Driving is such a boat of two to three people: one moves the throttle, one controls and, optionally, a third Person takes over the Navigation.

Two Americans in the Cockpit

The record journey of the American Nigel Hook operated the throttle of the Silverhook. Was controlled the boat from Jay Johnson. The Pilot and Copilot are real veterans of the international speed boat scene. Hook is a three-time world champion in this Sport, holds three world records, and was recorded by the American Power Boat Association APBA "Hall of Champions". Together with Michael Silverberg, he founded the boat-company Silverhook, which produces the used boat.

1958 were still about six hours

The first record for the route through the Gulf of Mexico was set up in 1922, and in 1958 re-broken. Then 23 minutes were still six hours for the route needed. This record of powder, the düsseldorf-based entrepreneur Roger Klüh with his to 2,700 HP speed boat named Apache Star materialized in the year 2015. He needed only an hour and 45 minutes.(sl)