French toll booths, turn right at the kick

The French government would allegedly engaged in a plan to use the tollbooths on the French motorways fully in trade for an automatic system. Motorists would by that new system faster the péages can pass.

Who was not previously in the endless French files for a toll road on a summer's Black Saturday in a packed stationauto with a roof box? Within the shortest of times are these stories to the past, because the French government swings within a few years all the iconic toll plaza. Reports that the French le Parisien. The government is reportedly ready with the sometimes massive traffic congestion and associated increased pollution of the environment. The tolhokjes, as for example in Norway, a place for an electric locker in each car. Since a few years, this is all optional. Within a few years of each director to this system believe.

Cameras at the toll road will be the box in the auto detect and the money equal of the account is written off. A director may also pre-registration to register online, after which the cameras the car will recognize. Julien Pointillart, director of the new mobility project, explains that the government the ability for drivers to keep to the toll in cash. "The toll can also be paid at petrol stations, tobacconists or post offices." In order to ensure that people get the péages not massively to pass without paying, the fines for this can be increased.

The system is for next year all ready to test in the southeast of France, and on the A4 at Boulay-Moselle. The tollgates should also for 2021 on the autoroute between Paris and the west of Caen, ready for the electric acquisition. As soon as the system on that last road is entered, save motorists there, only 2 million hours on file and ten million litres of fuel.