French lightweight in Geneva

Geneva, 7 March 2017

Long enough, Renault has stalled us, now there is finally the long-awaited data to the new Alpine A110. The flounder at the Geneva car show 2017 (March 9-19) will be presented. The central motor sports might well like many fans of driving dynamics. There's only one catch.

Only 1,080 kilos heavy

Let's start with the Base: the chassis. The aluminium frame is made exactly like the whole body. With the engine from the rear and the tank behind the front axle, the flounder at a weight of just 1,080 kilograms reached a distribution of 44 to 56 percent. The mass concentration of the Centre of gravity should positively affect the agility. Also the wheel suspension double wishbones front and rear, as well as the aluminum brake calipers from the House of Brembo make a good impression. 18-inch forged wheels from Fuchs complete the picture. The A110 is also aerodynamic on the amount of time thanks to a diffuser and a fully faired undercarriage. The design is based on the classic Alpine A110 visible on the round auxiliary headlights and the rib on the front cover. At the rear there are LED lights.

1.8-liter engine in front of the rear axle

In the middle of the vehicle, a newly developed 1.8-litre engine doing his work. The aggregate was trimmed with a special suction, a special turbocharger and a custom exhaust system for use in the Alpine. 252 HP and 320 Newton meters provide a 0-100 Sprint in 4.5 seconds. And now we come to the only obvious hook of new A110: the transmission. Switched is not hoped namely as by many a crisp six-speed manual box but on a modern seven-speed dual clutch transmission. What a pity.

Interior and price

The Interior is a cause for joy in turn. Full-grain leather, brushed aluminum and carbon fiber are here waiting the driver. This is also particularly light one-piece full bucket seats from Sabelt square, which are each only almost 13 kilograms. Renault will announce a price for the new A110 until mid-2017. Until then, we can focus on the value, was invoked for the already sold-out premiere Edition: around 58,000 euros. We are looking forward. (mf)