Four brand groups and a callback

Wolfsburg, 28 September 2015

The VW group is a new structure there. Last Friday ( September 25th) was appointed the new CEO not only ?? the former Porsche CEO Matthias Müller succeeds Martin Winterkorn at ?? but also the company completely restructured.

Four brand groups

The Group is divided into four future brand groups that are based on the kits. The Porsche group also includes Bentley and Bugatti, and is responsible for the mid-engine kit that Audi group ( with the modular longitudinal and brands Lamborghini and Ducati ) persists, as does the commercial vehicle Holding. Finally, there is the volume group with the modular transverse matrix ( VW, Seat and Skoda ).

New North American region

VW in North America is a separate area, which will be managed by former Skoda CEO Winfried Vahland. Subordinate to him, Michael Horn, chief of VW - group remain in the United States. Vahlands successor at Skoda replaces Bernhard Maier, previously Sales Director at Porsche. Brand Management Board of Volkswagen remains Herbert Diess, who recently arrived from BMW to Volkswagen. In Seat Jürgen Stackmann is replaced by Luca de Meo, hitherto Audi sales and marketing chief. The Audi brand group as had led by Rupert Stadler. Anyone who now heads Porsche, was to remain open. Even the future of development boards Hackenberg, Hatz no decision was taken. However, it should continue to be a Chief Technology Officer, who is responsible for Group-wide technical developments.

KBA calls rectification of VW

Even in the matter exhaust emissions there is news. Thus, the Federal Motor Transport Authority requires VW to 7 October a plan, whether and how the German cars with cycle recognition ?? supposedly 2.8 million pieces with the diesel engine EA 189 ?? able to meet the emission standards. According to reports, VW will inform the driver via the dealer when a technical solution is found. Then the driver will probably have in the workshop, so that a new software partly filled or hardware can be replaced. However, the current Euro 6 Diesel Group are reportedly not affected . ( sl )