Fortwo meets Street style icon

Berlin, 19 January 2016

Fashion meets mobility: not for the first time this combination would produce an interesting result. This time arose from the collaboration of smart and a very special fortwo Brabus, during the Berlin fashion week (17-19 January 2017) to see which is the Stylistin Veronika Heilbrunner.

"Tailor made" by smart

Veronika Heilbrunner is one of the most influential stylists and street style icons of the world. No wonder, then, that the automaker has just in time selected smart you for an advertising campaign for the fashion week in Berlin. The smart fortwo Brabus comes from the individualization program "tailor made" and is an absolute one of a kind. In addition to the shade created by Heilbrunner "Blue Velvet", the small city runabout wears wheels in "Royal Gold". Both colors were in the "tailor made" program by smart recorded and are available to all customers.

Ruby Red Interior

Even the Interior has been entirely on the wishes of the stylist. Dominated by black leather seats, door panels and instrument panel. In contrast, a lens in Ruby Red in the gear shift knob was admitted. Also, the driver's seat carries the initials of Heilbrunners in the headrest. "It was an inspiring experience for me, instead of a car to make fashion. I wanted to with colours and materials experiment, to create something personal", so Veronika Heilbrunner.

Off to Berlin

The smart fortwo, the customers thanks to the "tailor made" program almost exactly can build, is on January 18th and 19th in the Appel Design Gallery in Berlin Mitte and can be visited from 12 up to 18: 00. The exhibit is accompanied Sabrina Theissen and a movie with background information by images of fashion photographer to the formation, as well as an interview with Veronika Heilbrunner. (mf)