Ford late piece of new Mustang-version

Ford has recently released a video on his YouTube channel posted that the company wants to show where it is in the future wants to go. Especially remarkable is the hitherto unknown Mustang-nose that is in the video.

In the promotional video is, among other things, a classic Mustang to see, and then Ford a hitherto unknown front of a different model shows. The whole has an obvious Mustang-influences, but also such things as a closed grille and a blue-lit Mustang logo. The computer animation shows a V8 again as a beating heart.

There's already been rumors about the arrival of a hybrid version of the Mustang, a variant that is probably only at the leveringsgamma of the next generation of the 'Stang is added. It is more plausible to think that Ford's hybrid version of a four - or six-cylinder engine as an internal combustion engine. Earlier this year, Ford already had a sketch in which the back of a SUV-with-Mustang-influences was to see. Whether shown front view in that car is not known. For now, we can unfortunately not other than guessing.

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