Ford Fiesta ST: The he costs

Köln, 20. March 2018

Not a few Fans have been waiting with tension on it: the new Ford Fiesta ST. How strong is he? How fast is he? And especially: What is the powerful compact car? Now Ford is letting the cat out of the bag and gives Details of the Fiesta ST in the class of 2018 price.

Strong in the Sprint

The Central point of the new 1.5-Liter turbo engine under the hood. It is a three-cylinder with 200 HP and cylinder deactivation in push-motion operation. Thus, the consumption is to be reduced by up to eleven percent. Ford promises by the way a "acoustically very impressive" sound. Between 1,600 and 4,000 trips, and the maximum torque of 290 Newton meters. In 6.5 seconds to 100 km/h, only in the case of 232 km/h.

Optional Launch Control

In order to get the whole force on the road, there is an optional locking differential for the front axle, as standard, an electronically-controlled Torque-Vectoring System on Board. Also available at a surcharge: The Launch Control for fast Race starts. You will be permanently armed, if the driver is in full throttle. The System then builds the necessary speed automatically. The clutch pedal is released, electronic helpers like ESP and traction control for a maximum of rapid Start.

As you like it

By switch the three driving modes, flaps are to be selected: "Normal" as a civilian setting with a closed Exhaust, the "Sport" with spitzerem engine-Mapping and the open Flaps, as well as "race track" with switched off traction control. Also, the ESP offers three levels of full, subsequent surgery and switched off completely.

More expensive, but also stronger

Will be offered in the new Fiesta, from July 2018 as Three - and five-door hatchback, the typical ST-painting in "Performance Blue" is, of course, in the program. The prices start at of 22,100 euros for the three-door ST, the old ST with 182 HP started at 20.840 Euro. As standard, among other things, a track in the new ST holding assistant, a 6.5-inch Touchscreen, Recaro front sports seats, a special leather steering wheel, a sport suspension and 17-inch alloy wheels. More facilities offer the other ST variants with Styling package (22.600 Euro) and leather-exclusive package (from 25.100 Euro).(rh)