Ford builds a hybrid Mustang

Cologne, 4 January 2017

Here we go: the American car manufacturer Ford will now start a cable management offensive. 13 vehicles with electric drive train on the market should come in the next five years. Especially explosive: The ur American muscle car Mustang will get a hybrid drive.

Hybrid powertrain in the Mustang

The objectives are clearly defined: Ford wants to bring 13 cars with electric punch in the drive up to 2022 on the streets. Also, there are already details which models you want to make a start. In addition to the pick-up F-150 and the transit custom as a plug in hybrid is also the muscle car par excellence of the Ford Mustang get a hybrid drive. The V8 engine is supported by additional electrical power. That could mean a whole lot more fun.

Purely electric crossover comes

Also a purely electric vehicle should be ready until 2022. The car will be located in the segment of the CUV commonly known as crossover known and will create about 480 kilometers with one battery charge.

Large investments

To achieve the ambitious targets, Ford invested a large sum in the coming years. A total of 4.5 billion dollars flow into the development of electrical engineering. About 700 million of them are put into the plant in flat rock, where among others the Mustang is built. Ford is expanding the site for the production of State of the art electric vehicles as well as autonomously of cars. "World's interest more and more car buyers for electric mobility. Ford has a clear goal: we want to become the market leader in this segment. To do this, we will offer our customers a diverse range of electrically powered vehicles, as well as customized services and pioneering solutions, that make even more fun and better everyday driver", emphasizes mark fields, President and CEO of Ford Motor Company. "We expect that within the next 15 years the supply of electrified vehicles around the globe will be larger than that for conventional drive vehicles. With our investment program and the expansion of our range of models we are for this development. well equipped"

Time plan for the electrification

The timetable for the introduction of new vehicles is as follows: 2019 will be the transit custom hybrid on the European market, by 2020 the new CUV, the F-150 and the Mustang as a hybrid will follow. F-150 and Mustang are for the time being subject to the US market, while the electric crossover to be sold worldwide. 2021, an autonomous model for the mobility service providers to finally complete the range. (mf)