For the track: McLaren 570S GT4

Woking, 17 March 2016

Who ever like a true-blue McLaren factory riders wanted to feel, but not has the talent of a Derek Bell and will afford any souped up cars of McLaren à la 650s GT3, the troupe from Woking now equal to two new offers for the entry level racer. Curtain on the McLaren 570S GT4 and his brother, better-behaved 570S Sprint.

Racing car with road base

The 570S for the FIA racing class of the GT4 vehicles is based on the standard carbon monocoque of road version. A roll cage was welded to stiffen the chassis, and for increased security. There is also a fire extinguisher on board. Body flares accommodate a wider track front and rear. The slick-shod wheels are extremely light and cast magnesium alloy. A chassis with Dual adjustable dampers ensures a good contact with the ground.

Standard Powertrain

A GT4-specific rear spoiler, a larger front splitter and a new floor bring ordinary aerodynamic grip. In addition to the GT3-inspired hood, an additional Central cooler on the front helps to keep the temperature balance of the GT4 in the bridle. Engine and Getriebeseitig uses the technique from the street version McLaren for the race car. By the rules of the GT4 category the driveline must not be changed, which is why the standard 3.8-liter V8 with 570 HP and the normal double-clutch transmission are installed.

Extensive development program

Before the 570 GT4 2017 for approximately 204,000 euros is available, the vehicle is subjected to a hard test program. The "Black Bull Ecorie Ecosse" team will bring the GT4 at all nine rounds of the British GT Championship at the start. Among other things, a big hit even in the race at Spa-Francorchamps will be to see.


Whom the GT4 version still to "hardcore" is, for the British in the course of the year 2016 will introduce Sprint the 570 S. Specializing in private trackdays the Sprint version is subject to any racing regulations. However, buyers can at any time perform an upgrade on the GT4 specification. (mf)