For the sporting family?

Cologne, 17 August 2014

World Premiere in Paris: Ford is at the Paris Motor Show from 4 to 19 October 2014 the S - Max newly developed before. The predecessor had since its launch in 2006 found more than 400,000 buyers and was voted " Car of the Year 2007". The upcoming second generation of five or seven-seat SAV ( Sports Activity Vehicle ) is now available at the fair with a sharpened look, new technology features and new engines.

optical reprint

The Ford design team has sharpened the new S - Max - generation tidy. The A-columns have been moved further to the rear. So the hood is longer acting. The higher positioned grille comes in the future, therefore, with the brand's signature trapezoidal. The slim adaptive headlights work now, just like the tail lights, LED technology and pull the entire vehicle visual width. At the rear of the indicated diffuser falls to below the bumper. It also separates the two integrated exhaust tailpipes.

Resistance tests in the interior

Ford swung the Morning Star: A studded with nails metal ball served the interior engineers as a test device for testing the interior materials for their resistance ?? because the active clientele wants resistant interior materials. There was also a special stain-resistant coating for all parts often claimed.

More comfort in all rows

Take a seat all the passengers of the first, second and optional third row of seats to individual courses. All backrests are designed thinner. This is the entire foot and larger interior. The seats of the second and third row can be folded flat by pressing a button. The front seats have heating, cooling and massage function. The driver will also in future be driving his sports van using an optional heated steering wheel. Other features of the new interior is an optionally available panoramic roof and many new storage options on the instrument panel, the center console or in the bottom of the second and third row of seats.

Limiting and regulating stations

New S - Max is the front camera. When driving on poor visibility intersections or parking bays installed in the front of the system provides a 180 - degree view of the dangerous spot. The adaptive cruise control system uses the same camera, in order to keep the S - Max at a constant distance from the vehicle ahead. In addition, a new speed wizard: The " Adaptive Speed ​​Limiter " limits the maximum speed of the vehicle. New now is that additional information is used by traffic signs and the navigation system to adjust the maximum speed of the speed limit.

Powertrain, chassis and vehicle stability

The S - Max gets the first European Ford series and an adaptive speed-dependent steering system and an "intelligent " all-wheel drive. Attention: The S - Max is now available for the first time as a four-wheel drive. The integral - arm rear axle made ​​of aluminum is, as well, to improve four-wheel drive and steering system, the dynamic driving characteristics of the recreational vans. The vehicle stability is guaranteed by a Rollbewegungs-and steering angle control. Both systems take in critical situations, the torque of the motor back, apply the brakes and help the driver to keep the car under control.

Euro - 6 engine range

The motors are all classified according to Euro 6. You have an active temperature - management system that will cause a shorter warm-up phase and thus reduced CO2 emissions. Propulsion by diesel fuel accepts a 2.0 - liter unit. The configuration options range from the 120 - hp version with a manual six-speed transmission up to the optimized versions with 150 and 180 hp, which are also available with the six-speed automatic transmission together with dual clutch choice. On the petrol side, a new 1.5 - liter four-cylinder is in the program. It develops 160 hp and gives it over the manual transmission more. The 240 - hp four-cylinder with two-liter displacement is coupled to the automatic. Both engines feature direct injection with turbocharging.

Energy - recovery systems

To improve efficiency are an energy - recovery system the dynamo and the automatic start-stop system on board. They are like the optimized aerodynamics of the underbody and the variable condenser air intake as standard. In Germany, the sporty Van comes on the market in 2015. Possible prices Ford is as yet nothing is known. The still current version of the S - Max will cost 29,990 euros in the base. (ml)