For a record sum: Fine Lord is gone

London, May 19, 2014

That Aston Martin models, play major roles in film and television in addition to the real stars, is undisputed. In James Bond film first came the famous DB5 with Sean Connery used later were among others Timothy Dalton and Daniel Craig Burn the British athletes. A 007 but never had an Aston as a company car: Roger Moore. Nevertheless, the actor and the British luxury Renner are inextricably linked. In the series " The Persuaders " ( loosely translated: the seducer ) which was filmed at the beginning of the 1970s, Moore was allowed to drive up befitting the DBS V8 as the noble Lord Brett Sinclair. His real partner Danny Wilde, played by Tony Curtis, drove a Ferrari Dino 246 GT. With us, the series was titled " The Two " cult. This was due primarily to the synchronization by the ZDF, which are not always adhered to the original screenplays. At sayings like " pretty cottage, does not look like from building society ", "little Scottish friend in liquid form ", "Your Wish Would " or " to re-Bye " to the slightly older ones can remember to this day.

Converted to 654 761 euros

Sinclair's film DBS, on 17 May 2014 for the British auction house Bonhams under the hammer, where he obtained the equivalent of 654 761 euros. That's according to Bonhams, the highest price that a DBS has ever achieved in an auction. The Aston, who plays a role in all 24 episodes of the series, has some interesting features. So the car just looks like a DBS V8, but is beneath the modified body a six-cylinder, as the production of the V8 was not started for filming. As the car license plate bears in the series, the combination " BS 1" for Brett Sinclair. But in real life this shield belonged to the circus artist Billy Smart Jr., has only provided for the filming available. As an official road approval of the athletes wearing the number " PPP 6H ". In the episode "The Gold Napoleon " is also seen briefly, because the Department had forgotten to change the signs.

Extensively restored

To the end of shooting in 1971, the DBS had approximately 8,000 kilometers on the clock and was sold to a private individual. Several owners later and with a mileage of about 112,000 km, the noble automobile was extensively restored from 1995 to 1997 at Aston Martin. Henceforth, the fine British came at classic car events are used. Who has bought him is not known. The aforementioned DB5 from the Bond films " Goldfinger " and " Thunderball " beats the " The Two " DBS way to lengths: He moved in 2010 to 3.4 million euros immense the owner. (HD)