Fit for the second half of life

Frankfurt, February 3, 2015

Venga, Rio and Picanto now: Kia is currently working on a facelift after another. Minivan and small cars are now refreshed, now the entry level is up. The second generation of not even 3.60 meters long is this tiny three and five-door hatchback on the market since 2011.

Gentle touch-ups on the soft tissues

On the front there is the future differently shaped fog lamps, and the areas around it look different. When using the grill, the designers have somewhat rounded corners. Rear falls a shiny black plastic insert on the bottom, also the lighting units are designed left and right of the license plate differently. A new design also show the 14 - inch alloy wheels. In addition, a Sport Package is now available on the Kia still ausschweigt.

Inside possibly more color?

Indoor putting the chrome surrounds for the instruments and air vents accents, while the newly designed cloth seats should emphasize the youthful character of the Picanto. The enclosure of the audio system in the center console was ?? Depending on the version ?? modified. The new extras include the latest generation of the seven-inch navigation system and cruise control. Depending on the market offered up to three new interior colors in red - black, yellow - black and brown - black. Colored interiors are likely many Kund (inn) s like, but if given the small number Picanto sales in Germany so many variants are profitable, is the question.

Base engine is now Euro-6-fest

The 1.0-liter entry-level engine with 69 hp now meets the Euro 6 emissions standard, the 1.2-liter 85 PS remains at Euro 5. In addition, the Kia Picanto model from 2016 depending on market and version with larger front disc brakes available (252 instead of 241 mm).

Launch in March 2015

The new version has show debut at the Geneva Motor Show ( March 5 to 15 2015) and comes in late March in the trade. Like all Kia models applies a seven-year warranty for the Picanto. Prices have not been announced yet they started at 9,550 euros . ( sl)