Fish, chips and Spätzle

London/Stuttgart, 9 February 2017

Who think of London, think pretty quickly on the Baroque, highly anabolic cult taxi of manufacturer LTI. The legendary TX models are the epitome of the London "Black cabs". What many know but probably won't: the Oltis are not the only black boxes, rolling with stressed-out bankers, lost tourists, or Sherlock Holmes in the English capital. Since 2008, namely Mercedes has coveted cab approval. The van Mercedes Vito, more specifically.

Mini turning circle

Default for the city license is an XXS turning circle of 25 feet (7.62 meters). A smart creates with 6.95 meters only slightly less. The solution: A steerable rear axle designed specially for the London Vito. This directs probably like the devil when you consider that she must turn a five-metre six virtually on the spot.

Convenient also for wheelchair users

The system is of course also in the retread Vito taxi with part of the game. Otherwise, the Swabian Black Cab with a barrier-free access for the disabled, two electric sliding doors, electric retractable treads, air conditioning and automatic start stop system scores. Certainly not the dumbest idea in the usual London traffic chaos: to put the charge lists crosses next to the dead angle Wizard and the active parking assist. The four-cylinder diesel (in case this Vito taxis a 2.2-litre CDI with 136 HP) needs according to Mercedes way, 6.0 liter on average. The prices for the new Vito taxi isn't known. You should come on the bold idea to start a taxi business, in London the Mercedes executives will help but sure. (black & white)