Fine-tuning for the BMW M4 CS

Lennestadt, 29. March 2018

The BMW M4 CS closes a gap between the M4 with the Competition package and GTS. He is considered wild and non-conformist. However, the suspension experts, H&R were still not satisfied and the car started again.

20 to 30 mm deep

The Tuner from Lennestadt bought the car lowering springs that were carefully matched to the modified series chassis. Let the 19 - and 20-inch forged wheels at the front 30 mm and rear 20 mm deeper into the wheel arches immersion. The effect is sporty and feels to the driver like this: The lower center of gravity, and the H&R-typical spring characteristic by a particularly stable Cornering and provides more bite during turn-in paid for, so the Tuner.

Wheel spacers in preparation

The sport springs for the BMW M4 CS are available now, including the expert reports available and costs 368 Euro. For the M4 in the basic version, the GTS, as well as all the other models of the 4-series H&R offers springs. Who else wants to add to that, you can soon order "Trak+"wheel spacers in different dimensions.(sl)