Faster than a Bugatti Chiron

Crewkerne (United Kingdom), 24. August 2017

Ariel is for extreme racing and sports cars known that were always a certain whimsy to recognize. Now, the British prove that they are not fallen time and provide a high-performance sports car with a Range Extender System. Still, the car is a "project". However, the first prototypes will Ariel at the Low Carbon Vehicle Show (6. to 7. September 2017) show in the UK Millbrook.

A Turbine as a Range Extender

The data of the vehicle are truly spectacular: The capacity is up to 1,200 HP, the torque reaches to 1,800 Newton-metres. The classic Sprint to 100 km/h should do the car in 2.4 seconds, the peak is reached at 257 km/h. The Lithium-ion batteries have a memory capacity of 42 or 56 kilowatt-hours. These are empty, you will be charged by a Range-Extender, however, not of an ordinary gasoline or diesel engine, but by a small Turbine in the rear, which brings to 35 kilowatts of power. Whether or not a charge on the wall outlet is possible, does not reveal Ariel.

Wheel-hub motors, each with 299 HP

The appearance of the production version has not yet been defined, even if Ariel already shows Renderings. However, the body should rest on an aluminium Chassis. For the roll-over protection system of interconnected pipe strap to worry before and behind the two Seats. The wheels (front 20 inch, rear 21-inch) are powered by wheel-hub motors via input gear. Each electric motor delivers 220 kW (299 HP) and 450 Newton metres of torque. There should be versions with rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive system. The four-wheel drive comes to the aforementioned total power of 1,200 HP, the rear-wheel-drive is about half as much.

Production from 2020 onwards

In 2019, the super-athlete should be ready and starting in 2020, in addition to the models atomic (which is a type of open race cars without proper body), Nomad (a Buggy), and Ace (a motorcycle) to be produced. How the production version will be called, has not yet been set. In the meantime, the project bears the name of Hipercar. With i, not with y because the Name stands for "HIgh-PERformance CArbon Reduction".

It won't be cheap for sure

What is the cost to the production car, is not fixed yet. Ariel founder Simon Saunders says that the car would because of the built-in technology is quite expensive. But he would also bring more Performance than a super sport, the One-Million-Euro-class car. This is more of an understatement. So a Bugatti Chiron needs, for example, for the standard print a tenth of a second longer. And Chiron doesn't cost you a, but almost 2.9 million euros ...(sl)