Extra boost for the strongest GTI

Lennestadt, 1 July 2016

VW has made for the 40th anniversary of the Golf GTI the most powerful version of all time on the wheels, the ClubSport Edition: it offers 265 BHP at the kickdown even 290 HP. This makes the extreme GTI on the North loop up to 14 seconds faster than the base GTI. H & R suspension experts said "if already, because it" is. The GTI with a new sport spring Kit because the series springs offer not the optimum, they give now with an extra boost.

Poet on the asphalt

Even more rigid, even deeper: the ClubSport GTI with the sports Springs now closer ducks on the asphalt up to 25 mm. Almost free of car body inclinations is the best-selling razor-sharp at every corner, shows a sensational steering behaviour and offers maximum driving dynamics, so the tuner. Thanks to the sports springs are now even more closely the standard 18-inch forged wheels in the wheel arches and let the athletic ambitions no doubt arise. The opinion of TÜV signals while absolute compliance. The sports Springs 293 euros.

Closer to professional sports by spacers

Who can inspire for sport Springs, should look further into the H & R program. "Trak +" wheel spacers of the Golf GTI can be moved a further driver of professionals. Here the price has not been set. (sl)