Even when consumption was cheated

Wolfsburg, November 4, 2015

VW scandal and no end: Now it turns out that the group has not only cheated on nitrogen oxide emissions, but also with the fuel consumption figures of many models. This has shown the VW internal investigations within the diesel affair.

Too low CO2 levels

The auditors have found that it " has come in determining the CO2 value for type approval of vehicles for irregularities ," said VW in its press release. In the certification for low CO2 and thus also fuel consumption figures have been determined. The group referred to as a " not yet fully enlightened state of affairs. " Are affected by the statements of VW predominantly diesel vehicles, as well as gasoline.

Apparently affected mainly BlueMotion diesel

About 800,000 cars of the Group are involved. This number refers loud " Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung " of 3 November on Europe. According to the newspaper is mostly about the particularly fuel-efficient BlueMotion models. According to FAZ, it was noted that, for example, the Golf TDI BlueMotion around ten percent, emitting more CO2 than directed. How did the wrong numbers, apparently is not yet clear. But want to enlighten " mercilessly and completely " CEO Matthias Müller.

Stock crashes

In the wake of reports that VW 's preferred shares from Tuesday to Wednesday from crashed almost vertically ?? from 111 to 102 euros. The economic consequences of the new discoveries is estimated at about two billion euros VW . ( sl )