Erlkönig Audi Q3 (2018)caught:

Munich, 10. August 2017

Since 2011, Audi has the Q3 in the program. While the Q5 and the Q7 have already been sent in the second Generation and the SUV range has been complemented by the new Q2, then the renewal of the Q3 on the Agenda. And that Audi is working intensively on the successor to that show now, fresh spy pictures. We take the prototype photos for the occasion to provide you with the first news on the new Compact SUV.

MQB, instead of PQ35

About the optics, we don't have to lose too many words, because, firstly, the prototype is camouflaged quite well, and secondly, Audi will not change, so change as in the case of all other Generation too much on the Design. A couple of new edges, the headlights and the rear lights are sharper fail and thus the thing has mostly already. Much more interesting, however, is what will take place behind the exterior design: The current Q3 is based, like the older VW models (the first Tiguan and the Golf V) on the PQ35 platform. The Q3 II will then build up as all the vehicles of the Volkswagen group in this class on the modular Transverse matrix (MQB).

The MQB benefits in Detail

The advantages of the MQB for the Q3 are obvious: Under the hood of the latest engines from the VW-shelf, can be used and also the latest Infotainment and assistance systems to be integrated. Means: Look at the topic of drives in the direction of Ateca or VW Tiguan Seat and add something later, a RS-Q3-model and a Plug-in Hybrid. In the case of the wizard of the latest systems to make Autonomous Driving in the Q3 and in terms of connectivity, for example, can be finally calculated with the Virtual Cockpit behind the steering Wheel. In addition, the MQB but it also makes for a significantly better utilization of space than in the past. A swollen wheelbase usually means a bit more space in the rear and maybe a larger trunk.

Premiere, market launch and price

Where and when is the Audi Q3 II debuts at the end, is not yet known. On the basis of the Erlkönig images recognizable stage of development, we assume that the vehicle will be unveiled in March 2018 at the Geneva auto salon. The launch could then take place in the summer of 2018. Prices? Will surely get to the top. Currently, a base Q3 costs at least 28.550 Euro. Whether Audi will remain under the 30,000-Euro mark? Wait and see ...(ml)