Electric Evo

Tokyo (Japan), 26. October 2017

Lancer Evolution, or colloquially "Evo": This Name was made to Mitsubishi Fans and rally enthusiasts, for enthusiasm. The last of the Lancer Evolution that brought it to 295 HP, but in the year 2016. How Mitsubishi Evo-imagine the future, shows a study at the Tokyo Motor Show (25. October to 5. November 2017).

SUV's and electric eye

Your Name: e-Evolution Concept. Behind it is a fully electric high-performance SUV. According to Mitsubishi, the prototype shows the strategic realignment of the brand with a focus on SUVs and electric cars. Means: The classic Lancer Evolution is dead, the future is electricity.

Three engines, plus all-wheel drive

Too profound, Mitsubishi is not addressed in its latest study. Is mentioned, the hexagonal shape of the stern in memory of the spare wheel cover at the Pajero. The drive of the e-Evolution Concept's three electric motors. By means of a new electronic yaw control, the two units are connected to the rear axle. The third Motor is located on the front axle, so a four-wheel drive. With on-Board artificial intelligence is, in addition, the Autonomous Driving is intended to allow the level 4.(rh)