Electric Buggy with schickerem Cockpit and optional Hardtop

Cologne, 8. January 2018

A four-seater Buggy with a canopy tarp, an electric drive and a plastic body: The Citroën E-Mehari is one of the most unusual cars on the market. Now, the manufacturer used an Update.

Standard with Softtop with optional Hardtop

Since the autumn of 2017, the E-Mehari is only available as a limited special model "Styled by Courrèges". As this is also the normal version with a Hardtop, side Windows, hinged window now at the rear, and a rear window that can be opened, however, everything is just optional, is standard, as before, the well-known soft-top. The exterior design has not changed otherwise much. However, there are new 15-inch alloy wheels in gray, without a diamond control. In addition, the new black, double-angle, tailgate and grille adorns.

Significantly sleeker Cockpit

Clearly, the Changes in the interior are opposed to it. The dashboard gets a bar in the color of the car, in addition, there are new seats and an Easy-Entry System facilitates access to the rear. The C4 Cactus is known of the strap, the handle as a door-Inside. The equipment has been extended. Now a Central locking system, automatic headlights, a tire pressure monitoring system and four Airbags. Also the noise - and heat insulation has been improved.

Four exterior paints, plus three soft-top colors

During the special edition of "Styled by Courrèges" was kept entirely in Black, the new normal version colorful: There are four body colors (Blue, Orange, Yellow, and White), two fabric roof colors (Black and Orange) and a Hardtop-color (Black). In addition, you can choose between beige and orange seat covers choose, the water, however, are always fixed. So you can not clean the vehicle only outside but also inside with a jet of water. A further special feature of the E-Mehari, the RFID key tag is to the car or unlock it, you hold it just below the windshield. The one-piece rear bench can be folded down, what is the boot capacity of 200 enlarged to 800 liters. For this purpose, the storage space of the 78-litre compartment in the trunk.

Modest Coverage

The range of 3,81-Meter-long electric car is still quite modest: According to the NEDC standard, it is specified with "up to 195 kilometers" – so far, 200 kilometers of urban and 100 km extra-urban in the data sheet. A full charge cycle will take on a 16-amp charging station, beaten 10.5 hours on normal 10-amp household outlets even 16.5 hours. The speed limit is still 110 km/h, the maximum power of 50 kW (68 HP). The torque was increased by about 20 percent to 3,700 rpm 166 Newton meters are now about 140 Newton meters. The new Citroën E-Mehari can from 11. January 2018 will be ordered. The prices start at 25.270 euros for the soft top Version, with a Hardtop, you pay 26.470 Euro. The latter Version is about 2.500 Euro cheaper than the Courrèges-special model.(sl)