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Sant'agata Bolognese (Italy), 10. October 2017

On 4. December 2017, it is so far, and Lamborghini will unveil at the company's headquarters in Sant'agata Bolognese, the Urus. In order for the manufacturer brings 25 years after the end of production of the LM002 to be a second Super-SUV on the market. Time to the extraordinary luxury SUV's of the late 80s and early 90s back to the car.

From the planned military vehicle to Brussels

The history of the LM002 begins already at the end of the 70s as a development project of a high-performance off-roader for military use. The Name Of The Project? "Cheetah". But in the end, nothing from the military efforts, the army opted for the vehicle of AM General, and thus for the Humvee called the HMMWV. In 1981, the Lamborghini engineer Giulio Alfieri to handle the failed project with the LM001 again ... a concept with a rear engine. Then, the LMA prototype, in which the unit has already been moved to the Front followed. The LM002 was presented in its final version for the first time in 1986 at the Brussels motor show.

Technical data and performance

With its body made of aluminum and glass fiber, all-wheel drive, transfer case and three self-locking Differentials of this SUV was able to cope with inclines of up to 120 percent. Was powered the angular Monster of the 5.2-Liter V12 engine from the Countach Quattrovalvole with 450 HP. 0-100 km/h of the LM002 in 8.2 seconds, which was a maximum speed of 223 km/completed h. the empty weight? 2.7 tons. The Fuel Consumption? Between 25 and 40 liters.

300 units in six years

In an operation in the vicinity of Bilbao (Spain) produced the bodies. Then the pre-assembled parts to Sant'agata Bolognese were shipped, where the installation of the powertrain and mechanical components, final Assembly and testing took place. The luxurious interior could be customized to the requirements of the customers. 300 vehicles were produced until 1992, a total of and delivered.

What will the future bring?

Back to the 21. Century: When the Urus debuts, he will be in the typical Performance SUV-style for around 200,000 euros. 2018 could be the first 1,000 units produced, for 2019, the manufacturer is the target of 3,500 copies. Thus, the Urus would make two years after the market introduction of one-half of the entire Lamborghini year production. An important car. If the second SUV but can reach the same cult status as the LM002, it remains to be seen.(ml)