Eclipse cross closely concern the ASX

Geneva/Tokyo, March 9, 2017

Mitsubishi is on the Geneva Motor Show 2017 (March 9-19) called Eclipse, a new compact SUV cross before. The 4.41 m long car slips into the gap between ASX (4.36 m) and Outlander (4.70 m), where it is five centimetres of shorter ASX concern comes close to the. But the ASX is not replaced, but should be continued a few years, as we recently said Mitsubishi spokesman Helmut Bauer.

More SUV Coupe

The newcomer is supposed to represent a stylish crossing of Coupé and SUV, but it compared to the preliminary study of XR-PHEV II from the Geneva Motor Show in 2015 is a disappointment: he looks far less avant-garde and less marked. The grill is silver (other than for example in the recently lifted ASX) top and bottom black. Back is the two-piece with a spoiler rear window on rather negative. The cockpit has a black-silver color scheme, above is a display from the dashboard. In addition a head-up display (based on a retractable plexiglass) and a touchpad, and the audio system can be operated with for example. The Smartphone integration among other things allows you to question Apple's talking Assistant Siri.

New 1.5 liter turbo gasoline engine

A new 1.5 turbo gasoline direct injection in combination with a stepless CVT automatic transmission or the modified 2.2-liter diesel (known for example from the ASX) in combination with an eight-speed automatic transmission ensures that the drive either. Both engines are combined with an electronically controlled all-wheel drive, front-wheel drive as when the ASX should not be offered. Performance of the engines was not betrayed yet, just as little as the prices. However, market launch to be in the autumn of 2017. (sl)