E - sedan Belt Problems

Palo Alto ( USA ), November 23, 2015

As various US media reports, calls electric car manufacturer Tesla - all 90,000 built copies of its Model S sedan back. Reason for the recall are problems with the front seatbelt. In early November to be broken when a passenger turned in the front seat in order to chat with a passenger in the rear in Europe Sitzgurtbefestigung.

Share dropped by two percent

As a precaution, all models are now brought into the repair shops to check the problem. Accidents or injuries are not known in this context. The cost of the global recall would be de minimis and therefore there would be no significant impact on the financial result of Tesla. The company's shares fell after the announcement of the recall by two percent. Especially American cars were affected by the error, but also some vehicles in Europe and Asia. For Tesla it is the first recall. Errors have been able to always be corrected by software updates . ( sw )